Footage of the Glasgow degree ceremony of The Open University on the 27th September 2019, afternoon session. Presiding Officer: Professor Josie Fraser, Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Honorary graduates: J...udy Murray and Cor Hutton. Honorary graduate presenters: Ms Susan Stewart, National Director, The OU in Scotland and Mrs Kate Signorini, Depute Director (Strategy, Planning & Resources), The OU in Scotland. Graduate presenters: Mrs Shona Littlejohn, Depute Director (Student Experience & Widening Access) and Ms Marie Hendry, Depute Director (External Engagement & Partnerships)
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Series: OU Degree Ceremonies
Recording date: 27-09-2019
Recording location: Glasgow
First transmission date: 10-10-2019
Published: 2019
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Duration: 01:37:28
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Contributors: Josie Fraser; Judy Murray; Cor Hutton; Susan Stewart; Kate Signorini; Shona Littlejohn; Marie Hendry
Publisher: The Open University
Production number: OUL00972
Available to public: no