An introductory showcase film for the project: ‘Time to Think: Open University Journeys in British and Irish prisons during the years of conflict 1972-2000’. The film was created in 2019 by Gab...i Kent. Jenny Meegan (OU Ireland) was archive adviser. It contains a selection of extracts from interviews in the archive collection, as well as original art work and photographs from archive participants, Time to Think team members and others. Additional Loyalist and Republican archive material is courtesy of Action for Community Transformation and Republican News. Archive video and audio was supplied by ITN via Getty Images, BBC Sounds and The Open University.
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Published: 2019
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Duration: 00:06:43
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Director: Gabi Kent
Producer: Gabi Kent
Contributors: Joe Doherty; Ronnie McCullough; Dominic Henry; Joy Clark; Raymond McCartney; David Smyth; Michael Culbert; Student C; Student H; Prison Governor; Martina Anderson; Garnet Busby; Diana Purcell; Seán Lynch; Sean Wynne; John Wallace; Liam McAnoy; Billy Hutchinson
Publisher: The Open University/ The Open University Ireland
Production number: ttt00001
Available to public: yes