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Writings on law, pro bono and social justice 

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Old Bailey

The Criminal Justice Clinic is an opportunity not to be missed

'Team Kintsugi' from the Criminal Justice project write about their experiences and how it's an opportunity not to be missed.

4th May 2022
Miriam and Caroline

Early Ethnic Minority Barristers & the Inns of Court

Dr Caroline Derry and Dr Miriam Mbah are lecturers from the School of Law, Faculty of Business and Law. They have contributed to a new online exhibition hosted by Inner Temple and in this blog they share a few highlights of the biographies they have researched.

25th March 2022
Jungle Explorers

Journey into the unknown

'Team Veritas' from the Criminal Justice project write about their exciting journey and how the project has 'nurtured their thirst for knowledge and justice'.

21st February 2022
Auschwitz Image © Bill Hunt and © Sophie Harrison

One Day: What does the date 20 January 1942 signify for you?

In this blog written for Holocaust Memorial Day, OU Associate Lecturer Gillian Mawdsley reflects on the meaning and impact of the Wannsee conference on its 80th anniversary.

27th January 2022
Child Shooshing

Calling time on secrecy in the family court- the Williscroft judgment

Lecturer in law, Allison Wolfreys writes about the need for transparency in the family court in our first blog piece of 2022.

25th January 2022
Christmas lights in Milton Keynes 2021

Twelve Days of Social Justice.....

Francine Ryan, Director of the Open Justice Centre and Senior Lecturer in Law leads us all in her annual festive sing-a-long. 

23rd December 2021
Divorce papers and christmas presents

All I want for Christmas is…someone else

Dr Andrew Gilbert, Senior Lecturer in Law, brings good tidings!..about the current divorce law.

23rd December 2021
scales of justice - mask

“How can you represent someone you know is guilty? - A view from the Criminal Justice Clinic

Lecturer in law, Emma Curryer writes about a question she is often asked and how we focus on it with students in our Criminal Justice Clinic project.

22nd December 2021
David and Goliath

David vs Goliath; pro bono for Life

Open Justice alumna and regular blog contributor Dona Mclachlan reflects on providing access to justice to everyone and the rewards that this brings to both parties. You can check out Dona's other blogs here and here.

21st December 2021
Person in suit suffocating a globe in a plastic bag, a Starbucks bag on their head and cash flying everywhere

What’s corruption got to do with climate change, and why should we care?

Delegates attending the COP26 meeting in Glasgow in November 2021 were entrusted with leading the global response to humanity’s greatest challenge: how can we stop the world from heating to the point it becomes uninhabitable for future generations? Hugh McFaul, Co-Director of The Open Justice Centre writes about this in his latest blog piece. 

20th December 2021

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