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Welcome to AstrobiologyOU.

We are an enthusiastic and friendly group of over 50 staff and students who are working together to understand how, and where, life might be found and to address the scientific and ethical challenges faced by astrobiology-related exploration missions. 

With an increasing number of life-detection and habitability missions, astrobiology is at the core of nations’ space strategies. Our group members are involved in key astrobiology-related missions and in developing planetary protection regulations. 

AstrobiologyOU has grown from four colleagues with an incredible vision to a multi-disciplinary research group, across four schools and three faculties, working in three of the Open University’s Strategic Research Areas.

We are committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. We offer exciting programmes in Outreach and Public Engagement with research. We also develop commercial and social enterprises as a means of maximising the impact of our academic and research activities.

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Latest News

Communities in Guyana working together on a laptop

Innovative project aims to reduce flood risk sustainably on a global scale

A new global service has been launched to provide near-real time monitoring of surface water at a significantly lower cost compared to existing technologies.

The Landscape Senor-Based Monitoring Assessment using Remote Technologies (SMART) project is comprised of experts from The Open University, University of Stirling, Cobra Collective CIC and the North Rupununi District Development Board.

3rd February 2022
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Latest Blog posts

What do scientists really do? My experience interviewing researchers

My name is Inka and I am currently in Year 11, about to sit my GCSE exams. I've been participating in the Girls’ Network Programme for a year now, which is set up to match high school students like me with mentors who share their interests and can help develop their career goals. Through this programme, I have been exposed to many amazing opportunities such as this work experience. Along with my mentor, we interviewed an array of scientists, involved in several areas of research and at different stages of their career.

10th March 2022

Dinosaurs, dystopia and things from outer space.*

I absolutely love reading for pleasure. I am rarely without one or more books on the go - I usually read crime or spy fiction and my non-fiction shelf is history, Cold War, apocalyptic themed (I wrote this blog before the current situation when this wasn’t so terrifying) - but I will read most things with two exceptions. Firstly, fantasy and especially Harry Potter. A solid no from me. I have read all of the Artemis Fowl books and HIs Dark Materials, and enjoyed them, but that’s as close as I’ve got and the Potter hype was just too much. Secondly, sci fi.

3rd March 2022
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