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What do scientists really do? My experience interviewing researchers

My name is Inka and I am currently in Year 11, about to sit my GCSE exams. I've been participating in the Girls’ Network Programme for a year now, which is set up to match high school students like me with mentors who share their interests and can help develop their career goals. Through this programme, I have been exposed to many amazing opportunities such as this work experience. Along with my mentor, we interviewed an array of scientists, involved in several areas of research and at different stages of their career.

10th March 2022

Dinosaurs, dystopia and things from outer space.*

I absolutely love reading for pleasure. I am rarely without one or more books on the go - I usually read crime or spy fiction and my non-fiction shelf is history, Cold War, apocalyptic themed (I wrote this blog before the current situation when this wasn’t so terrifying) - but I will read most things with two exceptions. Firstly, fantasy and especially Harry Potter. A solid no from me. I have read all of the Artemis Fowl books and HIs Dark Materials, and enjoyed them, but that’s as close as I’ve got and the Potter hype was just too much. Secondly, sci fi.

3rd March 2022

Why Does AstrobiologyOU Have Space Lawyers?

55 Years ago today, the Outer Space Treaty opened for signature. By historical coincidence it’s the same day as the Apollo 1 fire, which perhaps made Article V’s duty to render assistance to astronauts in distress more poignant.

27th January 2022

Astrobiology summer school: becoming a team online

In October 2020 I started my PhD with AstrobiologyOU at the Open University. Like many others starting PhDs during this time, I have been faced with the somewhat isolated world of working as a researcher from home.  As someone who loves any opportunity to meet people with similar interests to me, the weeklong AstrobiologyOU and STFC summer school sounded like the perfect chance to get to know people in my field. However, I wasn’t fully convinced by the concept of an online workshop.

8th March 2021

Diary of a Mars operations day

It’s the 8th of February, and I wake up at the usual time in the morning, snow has fallen over night, there are reports of disruptions from further north, but here in Milton Keynes it all just looks like a little bit of powdered sugar decorating the world out there – and covering the first tips of the snowdrops that were brave enough to come above ground a few days ago. But before I can get too romantic about it all, I better start thinking about my workday. 

10th February 2021
Bea Baharier standing in front of a green screen, next to a telescope. photographed through a light ring, behind which you can see the camera.

Can we all be Leonardo da Vinci?

I started my undergraduate studies later than most, when I was 24, and I didn’t feel I could keep up. I was struggling with dyslexia, and as an artist’s daughter, I didn’t have the necessary science background, I couldn’t afford nice clothes, I could hardly use a computer, a smartphone or a camera as my parents couldn’t afford them when I was younger. I focused as hard as I could on the science, but I felt invisible. I kept on thinking that I would never catch up in this rigged race. I wasn’t born for this and most of all, I resented art.

14th January 2021
AJ, a small brown and white dog, is sat perched on the edge of a desk in front of a laptop, blocking the view. With the words "AJ always helps me study" written in the top left corner.

Summer studentship during COVID-19

During my second year as an undergrad at the University of Manchester, I began to develop a great interest in Astrobiology. It all started with a book, of course… Prof Matthew Cobb, who was teaching evolution made a big impression on me through his lectures, because they did not feel like university lectures at all; he conveyed the material with such passion and articulation, I felt like I was watching a live popular science documentary. And he was always recommending books with some students even wondering whether the books were actually compulsory further reading!

5th January 2021
Pointing figure

Life of an Undergraduate

Decorated cake

Do you ever sit and wonder about the type of person that has written an article that you have been engrossed in or a book you couldn't put down?

You may wonder what their background is? Why they have written that particular article and what their favourite food might be? 

15th October 2020

From the field to the lab – a geologist’s perspective

Sognefjord, NorwayIn most films, geologists are portrayed as being outdoor types who love to have a few drinks after a successful field day. It also turns out that most geologists are predominantly good guys who tend to die quite frequently in movies 

6th October 2020

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