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Life of an Undergraduate

Decorated cake

Do you ever sit and wonder about the type of person that has written an article that you have been engrossed in or a book you couldn't put down?

You may wonder what their background is? Why they have written that particular article and what their favourite food might be? 

15th October 2020

From the field to the lab – a geologist’s perspective

Sognefjord, NorwayIn most films, geologists are portrayed as being outdoor types who love to have a few drinks after a successful field day. It also turns out that most geologists are predominantly good guys who tend to die quite frequently in movies 

6th October 2020

Can Space Technologies solve the Sustainable Development Goals?

FINDER device mounted on a droneFormed in global collaboration and agreed upon by 193 of the worlds 195 countries, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a united vision of equality, justice, and sustainability for the future. 

10th September 2020

Fred Hoyle’s The Black Cloud

Fred Hoyle's The Black Cloud19 August 2020 is the date of the letter in the Prologue to Fred Hoyle’s first space science fiction novel, The Black Cloud, published in 1957. Born myself in 1957, I have been waiting all my life for an opportunity to write about The Black Cloud on this very date. 

19th August 2020

Scientific storytelling: A recipe for a peer-reviewed paper

sampling one of the springs on Axel Heiberg Island

Peer-reviewed journal articles, or scientific papers, are the bread-and-butter of scientific research. They are the primary means by which scientists communicate a ‘finding’ – a new piece of scientific knowledge- to others across the world and into future generations. 

10th August 2020

Is there life on Mars?

Water on MarsMars is usually depicted as a dry, cold, and inhospitable world… but plenty of evidence tells the story of a more benign planet: a Mars spotted with lakes and rivers.

27th July 2020

The oddly harmonious relationship between science, religion and spirituality - from my perspective

Newsome, 2016This blog post is not riddled with pseudoscience, and its aim is not to convince you that your chakras are blocked. 

20th July 2020

Enceladus: A habitable ice world?

 NASA/JPL-CaltechThe Earth is teeming with life and yet we are only one planet, orbiting one star, in a galaxy of over 250 billion stars.The Earth is teeming with life and yet we are only one planet, orbiting one star, in a galaxy of over 250 billion stars.

6th July 2020

The actions of backwards contamination in light of COVID-19

Galaxy 3608029COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has shaken the global economy, industry, governance and the lives of billions around the planet. For months each State has controlled its sovereign territory intending to stop a future spread of the virus and limit the death toll. But could something like COVID happen again from an industry with little regulation? 

29th June 2020

What happens when a PhD student decides academia isn’t for them?

So many files

That’s what happened to me throughout my time as a PhD student (which is still ongoing, by the way). I started my academic journey as an undergrad at the University of Derby with the sole aim of one day attaining a PhD and working in academia as an astrobiology researcher. Now, though, that is far from how I want to live my life.

22nd June 2020

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