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Postgraduate Certificate in Advancing Healthcare Practice - Learning Outcomes

Educational aims

To provide an introduction to knowledge, understanding and skills which will enable healthcare improvement across a range of settings and global contexts. The learning outcomes addressed in this qualification are listed below.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding


  • The concepts, theoretical ideas and empirical research findings that underpin the complexity of the context within which healthcare innovation and improvement takes place
  • The ways in which different resources and sources of information can be critically combined in order to initiate and facilitate healthcare change
  • The concepts and frameworks that can be critically examined, used and appraised in designing, implementing, evaluating and disseminating healthcare change and improvement
  • The concepts, theoretical ideas and empirical research findings that underpin the complexity of collaborative working in advancing healthcare practice.

Cognitive skills

Be able to:

  • Critically appraise and use a range of evidence and sources of information to strategically lead on and develop a case for health care innovation and improvement
  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness (including personal effectiveness) and impact of healthcare change within a multi-disciplinary/agency environment.

Practical and/or professional skills

Be able to:

  • Critically reflect upon and apply, the ways in which theoretical concepts and frameworks discussed within the qualification, inform the advancements of healthcare practice.

Key skills

Be able to:

  • Critically identify and use a range of digital and information technologies both to support personal study and to support/direct advancements in healthcare practice.

Teaching, learning and assessment methods

You will be able to study at a distance supported by a personal academic tutor and a range of University support services. Your learning with The Open University will involve engaging with our innovative and successful interactive and online learning resources specifically developed to meet the needs of students in the healthcare field.

The programme of study utilises a wide range of inter-linked learning design activities including assimilative, information searching and handling, communicative, productive, interactive, experiential and activities that link directly into the module assessment.

The assessment strategy will be clearly articulated and easily accessible to you via an assessment guide. This will clearly indicate where the learning outcomes are being assessed. You will also be given access to the marking criteria relevant to your level of study.

K827 will be assessed through four tutor-marked assignments and an end-of-module assignment. A range of assessment methods will be used reflecting the relevant learning focus of each block.

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