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Employer sponsorship

Could your employer pay your module fees?

A masters degree can increase your lifetime earning potential by more than £200,000, making it time (and money) well spent.

Employee showing her colleagues the knowledge she

Being sponsored

Employers recognise the value of Open University graduates and their qualifications. That’s why 78% of FTSE 100 companies have sponsored their employees to study with the OU. More than 1 in 10 OU students have been sponsored by their employer, which means their employer paid part or all of their module fees.

How can I convince my employer to sponsor me?

This will usually depend on the employer, but you’re more likely to secure funding if the course you’re interested in is relevant to your current job and will benefit your employer too.

In some sectors, a postgraduate qualification is a requirement to building your career. That said, you’ll still need to convince your employer that sponsoring you is worth their money.

Some larger organisations may already have sponsorship schemes in place – you’ll need to speak to your line manager or HR department to see if they’ll sponsor OU study.

When talking to any employer about being sponsored, try to think about the following:

  • What study or personal development have you undertaken already? Your employer may want to see evidence of your commitment to self-development and study.
  • How will additional study help you in your current role? Or in your development with the company?
  • What are your future goals? How do they fit in with your employer?

Talking in detail about the modules you want to study and how you’ll apply these to your work will show how you’ve given it serious consideration.

My employer offered to sponsor me to study for a degree with The Open University. I jumped at the chance, especially as The Open University’s flexibility appealed to me. On a personal level, my self-confidence has increased. In the workplace, the knowledge I’ve gained has been essential for my role and I’ve had more opportunities career-wise: I believe that having the degrees places me ahead of other candidates when applying for posts.

Suzanne Smith, BEng (Hons); MSc Engineering