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Fees and funding in England

With The Open University, a world-class postgraduate qualification is an investment you can afford.

If you need some help choosing a funding option that’s right for you, our Finance Finder can help.

Student using her phone to check funding options

How much will it cost?

The total cost you pay for your qualification is dependent on the modules you choose to study. With us, you pay for your modules as you study them, rather than the whole qualification up front. Expand the tables below for the cost of our qualifications in full.

Qualification Fee
Advanced Clinical Practice £9,720
Art History £6,480
Childhood and Youth £6,480
Classical Studies £6,480
Computing £8,315–£8,640
Creative Writing £6,480
Crime and Justice £6,480
Cyber Security £8,315–£8,640
Education £6,480
Engineering £8,785–£9,253
English £6,480
Environmental Management £8,640
Finance £9,720
Forensic Psychological Studies £6,480
Global Development Management £8,640
History £6,480
Human Resource Management £9,720
Mathematics £6,480
MBA (Master of Business Administration) £16,790–£18,420
MBA (Technology Management) £15,065–£15,160
Mental Health Science £7,560
Music £6,480
Open Masters £6,360–£11,170
Philosophy £6,480
Psychology £6,480
Social Work £9,720
Space Science and Technology £7,920
Systems Thinking in Practice £7,990–£11,900
Technology Management £8,315–£13,530
Translation £6,120
Qualification Fee
Business Administration £12,280
Childhood and Youth Studies £4,320
Computing £5,435–£5,760
Cyber Security £5,760
Engineering £5,905–£6,373
Enhanced Clinical Practice £6,480
Environmental Management £5,760
Finance £6,480
Global Development £5,760
Human Resource Management £6,480
Humanities £4,320
Mathematics £4,320
Mental Health Science £5,040
Professional Studies in Education £4,320
Social Work £7,560
Space Science and Technology £5,400
Systems Thinking in Practice £5,435–£9,020
Technology Management £5,435–£9,020
Translation £4,080
Qualification Fee
Business Administration £6,140
Childhood and Youth Studies £2,160
Computing £2,555–£2,880
Environmental Management £2,880
Finance £3,240
Global Development £2,880
Global Development Management £2,880
Human Resource Management £3,240
Humanities £2,160
Mathematics £2,160
Non-Medical Prescribing £3,240
Online and Distance Education £2,520
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Wales £5,520
Professional Studies in Education £2,160
Social and Psychological Inquiry £2,160
Space Science £2,520
Systems Thinking in Practice £2,555–£4,510
Technology Management £2,555–£2,880
Translation £2,040


Fees published in the tables above are valid from 19 April 2020 for students starting study before 31 July 2021. Fees normally increase annually in line with the University’s strategic approach to fees.

Additional costs

When thinking about how much your course will cost, it’s important to bear in mind the following:

  • You’ll need your own computer and internet access.
  • There may be additional costs associated with set books and travel to tutorials.
  • If you choose to study a module that involves attending a residential school or weekend, there will be additional costs, such as travel to and from the venue. Further information is available on the module descriptions.


Funding your studies

We’ve got funding methods to suit you, whatever your circumstances. Learn more about postgraduate loans and other options below.

Postgraduate loans


What are they?


  • Maintenance loans paid directly to you.
  • Non-means-tested, so eligibility isn’t based on your income.


How do they work?


  • You’ll get your first instalment after you’ve started studying.
  • You’ll need to make sure you complete payment on your first module to begin your studies.


What can I get?


  • You could get up to £11,222.
  • Payments will be spread across two or three years.


When do I pay it back?


  • The earliest you’ll start repayments is the April after you leave or graduate your qualification.
  • You’ll only repay it after you earn over the income threshold, currently £21,000.
  • Repayments are affordable. For example, if you earn £25,000 a year, your monthly repayments would be just £20.

Get more detailed information about postgraduate loans


OUSBA loan

Pay your fees in instalments with a loan from Open University Student Budget Accounts Ltd (OUSBA).

Find out more about OUSBA loans

Credit or debit card

Quick and simple – complete your module registration in a single card payment that covers all the module fees.

Learn more about paying by card

Employer sponsorship

Your employer could pay your module fees. Find out more about full or partial employer sponsorship.

Tips and more information about employer sponsorship

Bank transfers and mixed payments

We’ll show you how you can pay by bank transfer or combine payment methods.

More about bank transfers and mixed payments

Studied before?

Save time and money by counting previous postgraduate study towards your OU qualification.

Save time and money with credit transfer

Other support

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for some additional financial support.

OU bursaries

Only available to OU graduates, there are some additional funds that may be of interest to you.

Grant funding

Grants for fees, study costs and more are available for current and potential postgraduate students.

Study-Related Costs Funding

After you’ve started studying, you may be eligible for support with study-related costs.

Disability financial support

If you’re studying with a disability, there may be some financial assistance we can offer you.