How we can support you

Financial help

We'll help guide you through the process of applying for financial support towards your study costs. Did you know, if you're a UK student, you may be able to get funding with a Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)? You don't have to be registered as disabled, and it's not age or income related, so it's worth checking out what's available.

Specialist equipment

If you're not eligible for DSA funding, we have a lending scheme that can provide you with assisted software and specialist equipment. Depending on what you may need,there is a range of items we can provide, from a handheld magnifier to a laptop, to help you study at home, in tutorials, at day schools or residential schools.

Accessible study materials

Our study materials are available in different formats to make printed texts, audio/visual content, interactive activities, and other online resources accessible. This can include comb-bound or audio versions of study texts, but we can discuss what works best for you.

Access to tutorials and day schools

We can help you with access and taking part in talking, listening, taking notes and group activities. If you're unable to participate at a tutorial or day school, we can try to make alternative arrangements.

Tailored assessment

If you let us know in advance, we'll make reasonable adjustments to suit your needs if you're not able to sit an examination under standard conditions, or you have difficulties with an assessment.

Residential schools support

Some courses include residential schools, which can be a highlight of OU study. We're committed to helping you attend and may be able to provide the support and facilities needed to get you there.

Next steps

Visit our help centre to find out more about how the OU can support you.


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