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Part-time study

MPhil, PhD, DHSC and EdD degrees are all available for part-time study. MPhil and PhD students are normally required to be resident in the UK, whereas the DHSC and EdD programme is available to students living anywhere in the world.

The OU is renowned for its part-time, distance-learning degrees and we excel at providing support to students who are studying off campus.  Studying part time may be more convenient if you need to balance your studies with work and family commitments.  Part-time students are fully supported by their supervisors, and can access a wide range of virtual services and facilities, including online publications and resources, training materials, library facilities, and meetings via Skype, Online rooms and OU Live, all accessible through the Graduate School Network (GSN), which provides a rich source of resources, materials, and communications facilities for research students. It is a portal for all research students to engage with academics and fellow researchers, even when off campus.

Part-time study is normally undertaken over a longer period than full-time study, and you should commit to spending a minimum of 18.5 hours a week on your research.

If you study for a PhD you will normally need to find your own research facilities for part-time study, but will be encouraged to come on to campus for meetings, seminars and events in your research area, to make sure you can get the full benefit of integrating into the research environment. If you study for a Professional Doctorate, you will need to come on to the campus for residential weekends.

Your questions

For advice about applying for a research degree, or sponsoring a research student, send us an email or call +44 (0)1908 654882.