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Public engagement in STEM

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Public engagement in STEM research is carried out as a multi-disciplinary activity with involvement from the STEM faculty and partner units. The home of public engagement is eSTEeM, a centre that innovates and researches in learning, teaching and engagement. We have access to major channels for public engagement and operate internationally, giving us the opportunity for inter-cultural comparisons.

Qualifications available:



For detailed information on current fees visit Fees and funding.

Entry requirements:

Minimum 2.1 (a STEM background is desirable for some but not all projects).

Potential research projects

We welcome enquiries from prospective students in these areas:

  • engaging via digital technologies and tools
  • generating impact, engaging user communities with STEM research
  • policy formation, governance and decision making.

Current/recent research projects

  • Citizen cyberscience: what motivates participation and how are these initiatives influencing public engagement activities in the sciences?
  • Exploring ‘Digital Scholarship’ within a climate of openness and transparency: promoting the Large Hadron Collider and high-energy physics

Potential supervisors

Further information

If you have an enquiry specific to this research area please contact:

Administrative support
+44 (0)1908 655114

For general enquiries please contact the Research Degrees Team via the link under 'Your Questions' on the right of the page.