Professor Pentz gives an explanation of how we can find out how rocks were made by studying what is happening today. Dr Wilson examines a coastal environment and shows how processes occurring within it are producing sediments.
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Duration: 00:02:36
Keyword(s): Coastal environments, sediment, worm casts, Norfolk coast.
Contributor(s): Professor Michael Pentz, Dr Chris Wilson.
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Footage description: B/W. Pentz in the studio speaking to camera. Camera pans back to show rocks on a table in front of Pentz. Pentz speaking while pointing to marks on various rocks. Pentz voice over to film of Wilson digging in sand at edge of the sea. Wilson speaking. Close up of sand dug up on the spade showing spiral pattern made by a worm. Wilson digging. Sand being lifted by spade. Wilson removes a worm from the sand and shows it to camera in his hand, speaking and washing it with seawater to disperse the sand.
Master programe code and title: S100/26 Earth history
Master programme recording date: 25/07/1971
Master programme first presentation: 1971
Master programe filename: S100_1971X_BX_V026.avi
Master programme production number: JOUZ382E
Available to public: yes