OU Study Materials

The Open University has been delivering modules/courses to students since 1971. The Study Materials collection is a comprehensive archive, including printed, audio/visual, multimedia and web materials. The collection also includes associated materials, such as transcripts of audio/visual content, set books, prospectuses and a selection of home experiment kits. The OU Digitral Archive collection of Study Materials contains a sample of the full archive. The collection will grow as further materials are added

Image of OU Study Materials
Title Module Code Resource Type Start Date
Respecting religious diversity at workGGA063Module2008
Managing a professional practiceGGB038Module2008
Effective virtual teamsGGB039Module2008
How can supply chain ideas help you?GGB047Module2008
Managing organisational politicsGGB051Module2008
Creative problem solvingGGB052Module2008
Innovation for business resultsGGB053Module2008
Managing conflictGGB058Module2008
Working across culturesGGB061Module2008
How to be effective on a governing body: in 10 stepsGGB064Module2008
Working together across professional boundariesGGB065Module2008
Recruiting the best peopleGGB066Module2008
Corporate social responsibility in practiceGGB070Module2008
How well do you communicate? Interpersonal communication at work.GGK037Module2008
How to design and analyse surveysGGT032Module2008
Implementing successful ICT systemsGGT044Module2008
Managing complexity: a toolkit approachGGT045Module2008
Sustainability at work: how to go greenGGT048Module2008
The evolving information professional: challenges in a digital worldGGT067Module2008
How well do you communicate? Interpersonal communication at work.GK037Module2008