Historical OU TV and Radio

The Open University has produced a number of series to inform students and a wider audience about the University. Series such as 'Open Forum' and 'Countdown to the OU' covered various topics such as methods of teaching, information about modules and guidance on areas such as summer schools. The OU Digital Archive Historical Television and Radio collection includes a small sample of the archive. The collection will grow as more contents are added.

Image of Historical OU TV and Radio
Thumbnail Title Description Date
video record Diabetic screening policy: simulation model ; Buying a new car: a model of preferences; Moray Firth...Diabetic screening policy;simulation model / contributors Chris Canning, Sally Bailsford, Rob Davis...
video record Systems thinking, systems practiceThis programme looks problems and how we attempt to solve them
video record A&EThis programme looks at all the areas in an A&E department and the staff who come into contact with...
video record Return to SkomerThis programme revisits the island of Skomer after the Sea Empress oil spillage in 1995. The Open...
video record Certificate prog promo
video record Extensional tectonics TV20
video record Open science society : towards one force of nature
video record Science compilation for schools 1 : the wave-particle paradox
video record Science compilation for schools 2 : mechanics, a visit to the circus
video record Science compilation for schools 3 : gases, the kinetic theory
video record Science compilation for schools 4 : electronics, energy levels and spectra
video record Science compilation for schools 5 : atomic energy levels, the origin of X-ray spectra
video record Economics of Risk And Insurance : Spacelines
video record Advisory programme for applicants 1(1985) : studying with the Open University
video record Promotional regions role in O.U. courses presentation promo: behind the scenes
video record Open Forum (1990) : AugustLooking at holidays at Loughborough and Exeter University to see what is taught during the Summer...
video record Working for changeThis looks at Racial equality in the work place
video record Promo tape : African dance
video record Promo tape living choices
video record Promo Tape HDTV Tech filler
video record Recruiting for quality
video record Technology shorts 01 : the single life
video record Technology shorts 02 : gadgets galore
video record Technology shorts 03 : money matters
video record Open University promo 1
video record UNESCO Special What is science? Discovering reality
video record Geoff Brown remembered
video record A passion for science : compilation of Mike Pentz programmesCompilation of television programmes in which Mike Pentz took part.
video record KMi StadiumThis programme shows Marc Eisenstadt introducing the KMi's work on remote telepresence.
video record VC Promo open for business
video record Open Campus 1
video record Alvey image processing
video record Oceanography lecture 2 : seawater
video record Oceanography Lecture 4 : sediments and life in the sea
video record Open Lecture VC: link between teaching and research in universities
video record OU promo: OUWW 98 VC1This promotional video is introduced by Sir John Daniel and emphasises the OU's global reach.
video preview image for Open Campus 1(1995) Open Campus 1(1995)Extracts of degree awards and speeches at the installation of Betty Boothroyd as 4th Chancellor of...
video record Oceanography lecture 1 : the ocean basins
video record Oceanography lecture 3 : currents, waves and tides
video record Open Business School groups : tutor video
video record Open Business School groups : corporate
video record Mastering Management
video record Health and Social Welfare Promo tape
video record Open Forum 43(1979) : OUSA National Conference 1979A look at the proceedings of this year's OUSA Conference at Keele.
video record Open Forum 46(1979) : student societies in close-upRepresentatives of a number of OU student societies explain the scope and aims of their societies.
video record Open Forum 54(1980) : tackling TMAsAdvice about writing essays from both staff and experienced students.
video record Advisory programme for applicants 1(1980)
video record Open Forum 61(1980) : adult education under siege?This is a re-edit of of Open Forum 53 & 56
video record Open Forum 62(1980) : reading education and everyday lifeThe second open lecture in which Professor John Merritt argues that reading education and...
video record Advisory programme for applicants 2(1980)The programme gives advice to new OU students on how to study.