Historical OU TV and Radio

The Open University has produced a number of series to inform students and a wider audience about the University. Series such as 'Open Forum' and 'Countdown to the OU' covered various topics such as methods of teaching, information about modules and guidance on areas such as summer schools. The OU Digital Archive Historical Television and Radio collection includes a small sample of the archive. The collection will grow as more contents are added.

Image of Historical OU TV and Radio
Thumbnail Title Description Date
video record Cafe 05(1999) : knowledge management
video record WesternisationThe programme looks at some differences between Eastern and Western cultures
video record Global resourcesThe programme looks briefly at how the worlds resources are being wasted
video record Human rightsThe programme looks briefly at how the residents of Soho have a right to privacy and the bars and...
video record Immigration, prejudice and ethnicity
video record Open Forum 07(1971)In this Open Forum programme Naomi McIntosh chairs a studio discussion made up of a panel of...
video record Open Forum 04(1971) : programme 4Discussion with the Vice-Chancellor on academic credibility and on the formation of a students...
video record Open Forum 11(1971) : Open quiz finalFinal of Open University inter-regional quiz along the lines of "University Challenge" introduced...
video record Chemistry compilation
video record France challenge 1
video record France challenge 1 TV1 ; France challenge 2 TV2 ; Homework 1 TV4 ; The deep end 2 TV8 ; Homework 3 TV6This video contains 5 programmes which highlights some of the suituations, when being fluent in...
video record France challenge 2
video record France challenge 3
video record Homework 1
video record Homework 2
video record Homework 3
video record Deep end 1
video record Deep end 2
video record Deep end 3
video record Deep end 4
video record Deep end 5
video record Deep end 6
video record CMLPromo 01 : english is not enough
video record CMLPromo VCR1 : marketingpromotional videoThis promotional programme aims to encourage viewers to sign up for French, German and Spanish courses
video record Be a sumbody 2
video record Maths compilation : working mathematically with low attainers
video record The Alvey directorate : expert systems in British industryThis programme looks at seven examples of expert systems in operation in British industry.
video record Seize the dayThis programme is part of the Radical Lives series and is a TV Short taken from K203 VCR1, a set of...
video record Mental healthThis programme is part of the Radical Lives series and is a TV Short taken from K203 VCR1, a set of...
video record FindhornThis programme is part of the Radical Lives series and is a TV Short taken from K203 VCR1, a set of...
video record Science promo : learning for life
video record FPT91201 promo
video record OU promo.
video record Open Forum (1992) : MarchA visit to National Helpline Centre at Sheffield during Adult Learners week. Second chance -...
video record Open Forum (1992) : AprilCoverage of the OUSA Conference held at Bradford University in April 1992. Part of the address...
video record Open Forum (1992) : MayA visit to the Welsh Garden Festival site at Ebba Vale. A look at the environment and to see what...
video record Open Forum (1992) : JuneProgramme looks at the choices available when choosing a career and the job of career advisers. A...
video record Open Forum (1992) : JulyResearch on Mount Etna, Geoff Brown and his team from Earth Sciences are monitoring volcanoes...
video record Open Learning promo
video record Mathematics promo.
video record Science Promo TV5A.
video record Surviving the exam
video record Open Forum (1992) : AugustVisits to UEA and Sussex University Summer Schools showing how SS students cope with life on campus.
video record Open Forum (1992) : SeptemberInterview with John Daniels, Vice Chancellor who talks about the 10 year plan he has for the OU and...
video record Open Forum radio trail
video record Open Forum (1993) : FebruaryThe programme looks at Europe's newest Museum of Art in Madrid housing the Thyssen-Bornemisza...
video record So you want to be a better manager?
video record Learning to learn
video record Open Forum (1993) : March editionSpace exploration in 1961 with Russian footage. Russian aviation at Farnborough airshow, street...
video record Something for everyone