Historical OU TV and Radio

The Open University has produced a number of series to inform students and a wider audience about the University. Series such as 'Open Forum' and 'Countdown to the OU' covered various topics such as methods of teaching, information about modules and guidance on areas such as summer schools. The OU Digital Archive Historical Television and Radio collection includes a small sample of the archive. The collection will grow as more contents are added.

Image of Historical OU TV and Radio
Thumbnail Title Description Date
video record Ralph Smith : his contribution to the Open University through film extractsA tribute to Ralph Smith through extracts from various programmes he took part in. Footage from the...
video record Khyal : classical singing of North India
video record Open Campus 4 : January 1994
video record The Ballad of Walton HallIn this programme recorded in the 1970s, the Open University Operatic Society are filmed rehearsing...
video record Open Campus 3 : September editionFeaturing degree ceremonies (including the role of the warehouse), remote students, design...
video record TV workshop
video record Learning from TV : study skills package part C
video record OUSA conference 1975This programme consists of the issues and motions debated at the 1975 OUSA conference.
video record Walton Hall : an introduction.This video is used for showing to OU staff and outside visitors. It explains how students'...
video record Open Campus : September 1995Students from the OU Plantary sciences unit talk about their PhDs on lead pollution and air...
video record Managing development and change.A 20 minute sequence supporting the "Charting change" unit, sequences on inter-personal interaction...
video record Investors in People Briefing : Lead Assessor's feedback
video record Student video awards 1996
video record Tapeslide presentation.This programme is a general introduction to the Open University for prospective students.
video record Interview with four students (recorded for RTS).
video record A student's view(1982)
video record Home thoughts from abroad(1990)
video record Planning, Structure and Running Tutorials in the Social Sciences (1981)Edited extracts from 3 tutorials during 1980, ending with a discussion between Helen Lentell and...
video record Learning from televisionThe purpose of the package is to help the reader become more skilled in using television as a...
video record VC's speech at Richie-Calder lectureVC's Speech at Richie-Calder lecture.
video record Open Campus 4 (1994)
video record An Introduction to BBC Milton Keynes, The Open University Production Centre.An introduction to BBC Milton Keynes, the Open University Production Centre.
video record Open Learning Works (1986)A BBC production for the Open University in association with the CBI and with the support of The...
video record The Open University : a national asset.1) The Open University: a national asset. 2) This video was produced with support from a fund...
video record Open house special 8586 : the financial situation
video record Learning from TV : study skills package part B
video record Reaching for the futureReaching for the future.
video record Learning from TV : study skills package part A
video record TVEI students and Higher Education.
video record TVEI students and Higher Education
video record Open Universiteit: Internationaal Bekeken.This programme deals primarily with our own OU plus material relevant to the Dutch and the German...
video record 10th Anniversary Concert
video record On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
video record The whites of their eyes : a "viewpoint" programme.NB - for use at U203 summer school.
video record Education, Systems and Local Government
video record The Alvey programmes : intelligent knowledge based systems and the man-machine interfaceThis programmes looks at the development of MMI and IKBS. There follows a studio discussion about...
video record Rocks under the microscope
video record Three generations of childrenStudy of children born in various parts of the country in three separate years, 1946, 1958 and...
video record Clap clap clap un dau tri and Playing and learning in WelshFirst programme is in Welsh, showing Welsh language playgroups set up to promote early learning of...
video record Some Early Study Centre Sessions : Extracts A101M101S101T101
video record Visioning the OU Library of the 21st century
video record Presenting the past: 25 years of OU TVThis programmes contains clips from OU programmes.
video record Market training seminar
video record Promo tape : Rover learning business
video record Strategic marketing seminar
video record Satellite promo tape
video record The material world : engineering the future
video record Promo tape : Open learning for professional training
video record PlaNet programme 3This is a series of 6 video magazine programmes looking at renewable energy sources and energy...
video record The Alvey lectures : an introduction to production systemsProfessor Young gives a lecture about the development of production systems and their relationship...