Historical OU TV and Radio

The Open University has produced a number of series to inform students and a wider audience about the University. Series such as 'Open Forum' and 'Countdown to the OU' covered various topics such as methods of teaching, information about modules and guidance on areas such as summer schools. The OU Digital Archive Historical Television and Radio collection includes a small sample of the archive. The collection will grow as more contents are added.

Image of Historical OU TV and Radio
Thumbnail Title Description Date
video record Coastal BritainChris PACKHAM explores the great wildlife to be found on Britain's coasts, from rock-pooling in...2007
video record Woodland BritainChris PACKHAM explores the rich wildlife in Britain's woodlands, from Haldon Forest in Devon to...2007
video record Wilderness BritainChris PACKHAM explores some of Britain's rarest wildlife in wilderness, from Exmoor in Devon to the...2007
video record The Nature Of Britain: A User's GuideChris PACKHAM looks at the future of wildlife conservation in the UK. Does single species...2007
video record Farmland - WestMIke Dilger takes a group of schoolchildren from London to a farm in Somerset to open their eyes to...2007
video record Urban - WestSwindon canals sewage works birds River Ray ringing birds Rodbourne Lagoon reed-beds2007
video record Freshwater - West2007
video record Coastal - West2007
video record Woodland - West2007
video record Wilderness- West2007
video record Farmland - London2007
video record Urban - London2007
video record Freshwater - London2007
video record Coastal - LondonRiver Thames aerials Two Tree Island Grey Heron Little Egret seagulls salt marshes sea lavender...2007
video record Woodland - London2007
video record Wilderness - London2007
video record Farmland - SouthChris Packham visits the stunning Lulworth Estate in Dorset where the management of farmland for...2007
video record Freshwater - SouthChris Packham heads off to Chimney Meadows Wildlife Reserve- part of the River Thames flood plain...2007
video record Urban - SouthChris Packham heads off to Portsdown Hill, just outside Portsmouth city centre where he meets a...2007
audio record of Asa Briggs oral history interviewOral history interview of Asa Briggs 2008. Interviewers were David Vincent, David Grugeon and...2008
video record, no preview available for Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell Professor Jocelyn Bell BurnellJocelyn Bell Burnell describes setting up the astrophysics research group at The Open University.12 March 2009
audio record of Catherine King Oral History InterviewOral History recording with OU Professor Catherine King12 February 2009
audio record of Robert Rowland Oral History InterviewRobert Rowland was formerly Head of the OU Production Centre. Hilary Young interviewed Robert (Bob)...13 June 2009
video record Autism2009
video preview image for Shakespeare: Original pronunciation Shakespeare: Original pronunciationAn introduction by David and Ben Crystal to the 'Original Pronunciation' production of Shakespeare...17 October 2011
video record Study Earth, Environment and Ecosystem Sciences with the OUStudy Earth, Environment and Ecosystem Sciences with the OU.14 March 2017
audio record of Open Forum 11 (1982)Interview with one of the OU participants in the London Marathon. Interviews with two members of...
audio record of Audiocassette Misc/ACOpen University Misc.
audio record of Culture, class and language.(variety).
audio record of Women in gear : the innovatorsThis programme, presented by Kate Bellingham, is about women and innovation. The first item is...
audio record of Audiocassette AC1074/R -
audio record of Linguaphone ; road to French
audio record of Audiocassette Misc/AC3
audio record of Course writing 2
audio record of Linguaphone ; road to German.
audio record of Audiocassette Misc/AC
audio record of Audiocassette Misc/AC4
audio record of Audiocassette Misc/AC
audio record of Audiocassette Misc/AC2Open University Misc.
audio record of Audiocassette Misc/AC
audio record of Audiocassette Misc/ACRadio 4 broadcast.
audio record of Castle Ashby project.
audio record of It's History!The first in a new series about women and technology, presented by Kate Bellingham. 'It's History'...
audio record of Open Research OnlineIn this month’s episode of the OU Library’s podcast Fiona Durham talks to Chris Biggs and Dan...
audio record of Robin Wilson Oral History InterviewOral History interview by Hilary Young recorded over two sessions with Robin Wilson. 19th March...
audio record of Open Forum 24 1979The programme begins with an interview with Harold Wilson and goes on to read letters from students...
audio record of Gramophone Recording of American Speech by Jennie LeeGramophone record featuring recording of speech in America by Jennie Lee made prior to the General...
audio record of American radio interview with Jennie LeeUnidentified recording of Jennie Lee c.1950
audio record of Jennie Lee programme regarding music and the artsReel to reel recording of programme featuring Jennie Lee discussing her favourite music from...
video record Swaffham wind turbine multiple cause diagram: Old Wolverton Bus depot influence diagram :...