Historical OU TV and Radio

The Open University has produced a number of series to inform students and a wider audience about the University. Series such as 'Open Forum' and 'Countdown to the OU' covered various topics such as methods of teaching, information about modules and guidance on areas such as summer schools. The OU Digital Archive Historical Television and Radio collection includes a small sample of the archive. The collection will grow as more contents are added.

Image of Historical OU TV and Radio
Thumbnail Title Description Date
video record FreshwaterDr Janet Sumner visits a variety of Freshwater habitats around the North West. pond creatures water...2007
video record Coast (North West)Dr Janet Sumner visits coastal areas in the North West to investigate the types of wildlife living...2007
video record Woodland (North West)Dr Janet Sumner visits Grisedale Forest in the Lake District to explore the different types of...2007
video record WildernessDr Janet Sumner visits Rowdsey Moss a Pete Bog Wilderness that is thriving with nature.2007
video record Farmland - London2007
video record Urban - London2007
video record Freshwater - London2007
video record Coastal - LondonRiver Thames aerials Two Tree Island Grey Heron Little Egret seagulls salt marshes sea lavender...2007
video record Woodland - London2007
video record Wilderness - London2007
video record Farmland - SouthChris Packham visits the stunning Lulworth Estate in Dorset where the management of farmland for...2007
video record Freshwater - SouthChris Packham heads off to Chimney Meadows Wildlife Reserve- part of the River Thames flood plain...2007
video record Urban - SouthChris Packham heads off to Portsdown Hill, just outside Portsmouth city centre where he meets a...2007
video record Wilderness - SouthChris Packham takes a look at the flora and fauna of low lying heathland nr. Poole Harbour in...2007
video record Woodland - SouthChris Packham visits Ebemoe Common in Sussex where volunteers help clear the woodland to encourage...2007
video record Farmland - South WestSamantha Smith visits Churchtown Farm to see how they are encouraging wildlife on the farm with...2007
video record Urban - South West2007
video record Freshwater - South WestChris Packham explores the great wildlife in the South West's freshwater habitat around the River...2007
video record Coast - South WestMarine Protected Zones Wembury Bay Sea Search volunteer anemones Mew Stone Cormorants2007
video record Woodland - South WestSamantha Smith visits Haldon Woods to see the wildlife conservation work being done there by the...2007
video record Wilderness - South West2007
video record Urban BritainChris PACKHAM explores the best of British urban wildlife from Portsmouth in Hampshire to...2007
video record Freshwater BritainChris PACKHAM explores the great wildlife in Britain's freshwater habitats from the River Camel in...2007
video record Coastal BritainChris PACKHAM explores the great wildlife to be found on Britain's coasts, from rock-pooling in...2007
video record Woodland BritainChris PACKHAM explores the rich wildlife in Britain's woodlands, from Haldon Forest in Devon to...2007
video record Wilderness BritainChris PACKHAM explores some of Britain's rarest wildlife in wilderness, from Exmoor in Devon to the...2007
video record The Nature Of Britain: A User's GuideChris PACKHAM looks at the future of wildlife conservation in the UK. Does single species...2007
video record Farmland - WestMIke Dilger takes a group of schoolchildren from London to a farm in Somerset to open their eyes to...2007
video record Urban - WestSwindon canals sewage works birds River Ray ringing birds Rodbourne Lagoon reed-beds2007
video record Freshwater - West2007
video record Coastal - West2007
video record Woodland - West2007
video record Wilderness- West2007
video record Farmland - South East2007
video record Urban - South East2007
video record Freshwater - South East2007
video record Coastal - South East2007
video record Woodland - South East2007
video record Wilderness - South EastAshdown Forest heathland forest to heathland story2007
video record Farmland - North East and Cumbria2007
video record Urban - North East and Cumbria2007
video record Freshwater - North East and Cumbria2007
video record Coastal - North East and Cumbria2007
video record Woodland - North East and Cumbria2007
video record Wilderness - North East and Cumbria2007
video record Farmland - Yorks and Lincs2007
video record Urban - Yorks and Lincs2007
video record Freshwater - Yorks and Lincs2007
video record Coast - Yorks and Lincs2007
video record Woodland - Yorks and Lincs2007