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Berrill Building to St Michael's Church

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Clip: George Abell
Duration: 00:02:28
Date: 29-08-1979
External view of the George Abell Observatory on The Open University campus in Milton Keynes.
Image : George Abell Observatory
Date: 2018

2. George Abell Observatory

Professor George Abell (1927-1983) worked closely with the OU on the first 'Understanding Space and Time' course in 1983. Unfortunately he died later that year and the observatory, which opened in 1984, now stands in his memory. One of the first objects seen through the telescope was Halley's comet on it's approach to pass the Sun in 1985-86.

Close to the George Abell Observatory is the Security Lodge which opened in 1992.

The video clip shows Professor Abell looking at a photograph of the Andromeda Nebula made by Edwin Hubble in 1923. The clip is taken from module S354, Understanding Space and Time, programme 13 "Measuring Shadows: the Universe Today (1979).

The image shows the George Abell Observatory in 2018.

Further information can be found on the George Abell Observatory web site.


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