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Gardiner to Meacham

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Clip: Introduction to D100
Duration: 00:01:18
Date: 10-01-1971
View of the Legacy Garden at the Open University campus in Milton Keynes. On the site of a section of the original walled garden of the Walton Hall Estate.
Image : Legacy Garden
Date: 2018

14. Drake Court

Located between Gardiner 1 and 2, Drake Court is named after Professor Michael Drake, the first Dean of the Social Sciences Faculty.

The video on this page shows Professor Drake introducing the second year of D100, the Social Sciences Foundation course, in 1972.

The first image shows Drake Court in 2018.



15. Legacy Garden

The walled garden, which has now almost entirely disappeared under the University buildings, was part of the Walton Hall estate before 1969 when the University arrived. In the early years of the University's occupation of the site, the garden was cleared and uses included growing crops for use in home experiment kits. A selection of images showing the garden in the early years of the University can be found in the Historical OU images collection.

In 2013 the University created the beautiful Legacy Garden on the site of a section of the original walled garden. Each year new plaques are unveiled in the Legacy Garden - paying tribute to those who have left a gift to the OU in their Will.

The second image on the page shows the Legacy Garden in 2018.

A video about the Legacy Garden by Karen Foley and Daniel Weinbren is available on YouTube.

Find out more about leaving a legacy to the OU on the Leave a Legacy web pages.

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