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John Hewitt was an English antiquarian, linguist and member of the Archaeological Institute. He worked under Robert Porrett who was ordnance storekeeper at the Tower of London. In 1859 Hewitt produced a guide on the collection of arms and armour held there. He contributed to many periodicals including the 'Archaeological Journal' and 'The Reliquary'. He also wrote under the pseudonym of Sylvanus Swanquill. He counted Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Mary Howitt and Anna Maria Hall among his friends.
Metadata describing this person
Name: John Hewitt
Also known as: Sylvanus Swanquill
Gender: Male
Nationality: English
Date of birth: 1807
Date of death: 1878
Role: Historian
Linked correspondent: Anna Maria Hall (link opens in new window); Mary Howitt (link opens in new window); Edward Bulwer-Lytton (link opens in new window)
Project person ID: SLP172
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