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Arnold Kettle, Prefessor of Literature at the Open University, talks about Stendhal's interest in the English Romantic poets and his meeting with Byron. Professor Kettle draws an interesting parall...el between Mozart's Don Gitoanni and Julien Sorel of Scarlet and Black, and between Zerlina and Madame de Renal. He then outlines Stendhal's complex attitude to the Romantic movement: "He habitually defended Romanticism against Classicism in the literary controversies of the day... but there were things about much Romantic art which Stendhal could not take."For Stendhal, Professor Kettle suggests, Romanticism was associated with change, a breakthrough to a more democratic form of consciousness and it is this that explains Stendhal's ambiguous and ironic stance with regard to it; it helps to explain his work, with its unique mixture of urbane aristocratic sophistication, down to earth radical realism a nd high-flying romantic aspirations. The programme is illustrated by an extract from Mozart's opera and quotations from Stendhal and Byron are read by Hugh Dickson and Garrard Green.
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Module code and title: A202, The age of revolutions
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First transmission date: 1972-08-05
Published: 1972
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Producer: Helen Rapp
Contributors: Hugh Dickson; Garard Green; Arnold Kettle
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): English Romantic Poets
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