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By the time students hear this programme they will have been reading three texts which are very closely inter-related, These are the set book "The Politics of Education", written and edit...ed by Professor Maurice Kogan; the correspondence text "Policy Formation in Central Government1', which is written by Professor Gerry Fowler and which comments on the Kogan set book, and finally the Kogan critique on the Fowler comments, which is printed with the correspondence text. In this student discussion Maurice Kogan and Gerry Fowler explore some of their differences of view point a bit further.
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Module code and title: E221, Decision making in British education systems
Item code: E221; 02; 1974
Recording date: 1973-09-17
First transmission date: 26-02-1974
Published: 1974
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Producer: John Miller
Contributors: Maurice Cogan; Gerald Fowler; Donald Holmes
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Policy Formation in central Government; The Politics of Education
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Production number: TLN38FW002
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