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'Diamonds, Rust and a handful of Sand' is an 8 part radio series about the historical development of electronics in the 20th Century, told in the words of the pioneers, including many specially rec...orded interviews with the early workers in the field. According to one historian, the development of Radar was equivalent to trebling the size of the RAF for the vital days of the Battle of Britain. Philip Ashby presents a short radio history of those days, following the development of the first experimental sets by Watson-Watts' team of pioneers to the invention of the cavity magnetron in Birmingham. The programme includes a specially recorded interview with Professor Robert Hanbury-Brown, one of the first workers with the Watson-Watt team in 1936; an eye-witness account of a Chain Home station in action by Ernie Putley, a radar researcher; plus readings by Garard Green and Melinda Walker, based on war diaries and scientific papers, and archive recordings of Sir Robert Watson-Watt.
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Series: Diamonds, rust and a handful of sand; Series 1
Episode 3
First transmission date: 1995-02-19
Published: 1995
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: R. Hanbury (Robert Hanbury) Brown; Ernie Putley
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Battle of Britain; Birmingham; Cavity magnetron; RAF; Scientific papers; War diaries; Watson-Watts
Master spool number: 94YT0270
Production number: T005_03
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