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'Diamonds, Rust and a Handful of Sand' is an 8 part radio series about the historical development of electronics in the 20th Century, told in the words of the pioneers, including many specially rec...orded interviews with the early workers in the field. To most people in the 1950's, the word 'transistor' meant a portable radio rather than the clever electronic device that was inside it. Philip Ashby presents a radio history of both - from the 1948 invention of the device in Bell Labs in the US, to the development and marketing of one of Britain's first transistor radios - the Perdio. In two specially recorded interviews, with John Pierce of Bell Labs, and Rod Berman, who worked with Perdio, the atmosphere of those times is evoked. Philip Ashby, who presents the programme, gives enough of the technical details for non-technical people to follow the story, and there are excerpts from the BBC's radio archive to remind us of the contemporary reactions. The programme also features a short talk by the late William Schockley, Nobel prize-winner, and one of the Bell Labs original team, again from the BBC archive.
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Series: Diamonds, rust and a handful of sand; Series 1
Episode 4
First transmission date: 1995-02-26
Published: 1995
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: Philip Ashby; Rod Berman; John Pierce
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): 1950's; Bell Labs, USA; Contemporary reactions; Perdio
Master spool number: 94YT0271
Production number: T005_04
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