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BBC Radio 3's The Essay strand explores the origins of Western culture. Greek and Latin voices is for all listeners who want to know more about the literature which underpins Western civilisation. ...Each week, in four lively, accessible and highly illustrated nightly programmes, a combination of scholars, writers and passionate classicists of every persuasion, explore various aspects of the author in question. 1) Maria Wyke sets Juvenal in a literary context and considers how Dr Johnson reworked Satire 3 into his poem, London. 2) Contemporary writer and satirist Alistair Beaton explains his admiration for Juvenal and how many of the morally questionable ideas of 2nd century Rome are still relevant to 21st century Britain. 3) Dr Fred Jones of Liverpool University examines Juvenal's literary techniques and discovers a collage of genres taken from both Roman and Greek literature. 4) Dr Susanna Braund looks at recent re-interpretations of Juvenal's Satires and sets Roman satire into a wider context of Roman anxiety about masculinity.
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Series: The Essay: Greek and Latin voices
First transmission date: 2008-04-17
Original broadcast channel: BBC Radio 3
Published: 2008
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Track 1 The Essay - Greek and Latin Voices - Juvenal 1
Production number: 07WT0346
Track 2 The Essay - Greek and Latin Voices - Juvenal 2
Production number: 07WT0347
Track 3 The Essay - Greek and Latin Voices - Juvenal 3
Production number: 07WT0348
Track 4 The Essay - Greek and Latin Voices - Juvenal 4
Production number: 07WT0349
Producer: Tim Dee
Presenter: Maria Wyke
Contributors: Alastair Beaton; Susanna Braund; Fred Jones; Maria Wyke
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Latin texts and commentaries; Juvenal--Criticism and interpretation
Production number: AUDA321B
Available to public: no