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This is the first of five programmes which make up an interdisciplinary analysis of the population explosion in India. It is introduced by Professor Michael Drake, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sci...ences. The first half of the programme is used to introduce the members of the course team who will be presenting each individual discipline's approach to the population problem over the succeeding four weeks. They are Andrew Learmonth, Professor of Geography, Leslie Wagner, Lecturer in Economics, Dr David Potter, Senior Lecturer in Government and Hedy Brown, Lecturer in Social Psychology. Each of these course team memborsr introduces a short extract from their programme to illustrate their approach to the problem of the population explosion. In the second half of the programme Professor Michael Drake discusses some of the demographic factors which affect fertility in India. These are changes in the fertile period of the population, changes in the age structure of the population, changes in the sex ratio of the population, changes in the age at which people marry and the proportion of the population married. Each change is illustrated graphically.
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Module code and title: D100, Understanding society: a foundation course
Item code: D100; 32
First transmission date: 1971
Published: 1971
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Duration: 00:24:15
Note: In presentation 1971-1974
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Producer: Vic Lockwood
Contributors: Hedy Brown; Michael Drake; Andrew Learmonth; David Potter; Leslie Wagner
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): India; Population
Footage description: Michael Drake introduces the programme. The theme is to be population growth and the area, India. Shots of crowds, Europeans, Asians and African. David Potter and Andrew Learmonth introduce themselves. Andrew Learmonth, over film, describes the area of Bengal in general terms. Population density map, shots of floods. Shots of industrial developments. Leslie Wagner introduces himself and outlines the programme which he has produced. A short film demonstrates the law of diminishing returns. David Potter introduces the basic subject of programme. Film of Minki, wife of Rup Singh and Berli Ram. Film of riots in Calcutta. Hedy Brown is introduced and describes in general the subject of her programme. An excerpt showing family planning posters is shown. Michael Drake introduces two demographic tools, the population pyramid and crude birth rate. Michael Drake isolates several reasons for rise or fall in crude birth rate. These are demonstrated by animations. Michael Drake sums up the reasons advanced in sequence 8 and gives historical examples. Japan (1948-1958) United States (1948-1958) These examples are shown on animated graphs.
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