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In the second part of Professor Marwick's introduction to history, we look at the vast range of historical source material which an historian may use. The programme uses the history of London as a ...theme, though it makes no claim to cover such a vast subject exhaustively. First, Professor Marwick interviews Mr. Norman Cook, Director of the Museum of London, about the evidence available from an excavated Roman bathhouse near Billingsgate fish market in London, for the occupation of the city in late Roman times. Next, he visits the archives of the Guildhall to talk with Miss Betty Masters, Keeper of the Records, about some problems involving the study of early documents. One item they examine is the City of London's first Charter granted by William the Conqueror. After this, Professor Marwick talks to experts at the London Museum about evidence obtainable from pottery, maps and painting. Next he looks at business records, first in the form of early insurance registers and then at an industrial site, the eighteenth century Whitbread's Brewery. Finally, he considers the value of archive film, as evidence of the effect on the City of German bombing in the last war.
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Module code and title: A100, Humanities: a foundation course
Item code: A100; 06
First transmission date: 17-02-1971
Published: 1971
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Producer: Edward Hayward
Contributors: Norman Cook; Phillippa Glanville; Albert Hollaender; Arthur Marwick; Betty Masters; Brian Spencer
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Guildhall.; London Museum.; Sun Fire Office.; Whitbreads.
Footage description: Opening shot of St. Paul's cathedral with the G.P.O. Tower visible in the background. A Marwick speaking from the Kleinwort Benson Building. He discusses the importance of primary sources to the historian and goes into some of the problems the historian encounters when using them. Shots of A. Marwick and Norman Cook, curator of the Guildhall Museum, at the site of excavations of a Roman bath in London. They discuss the early history of London (5th cent. A.D.) basing their discussion on the following archaelogical primary sources. Roman coins, c.395 A.D. Potsherd from pot made in Palestine c.Li.75A.D. Potsherd of Frankish style pottery similar to that found in the Rhineland. Shots of each of the above items. Shots of modern London streets. Shot of the Guildhall ( London) A. Marwick and Betty Masters, keeper of the Records at the Guildhall, discuss some aspects of medieval London using as primary sources the charters granted to London by William I and John. Shots of both charters. Marwick and Masters go on to discuss some of the problems the historian has of interpreting the written record. Shot of the Great Seal (both sides). Marwick and Master take up the problem of damaged written sources and their repair to make them usable. Shots of a badly damaged 17th cent, register. Shots of a similar register which has been restored. A. Marwick and Brian Spencer, Asst. Keeper, London Museum, examine and discuss some 13th and 14th century pottery found in London. Shots of 13th & 14th cent. pots Shots of a 13th cent aguamanile. Shot of 17th cent bottle. A. Marwick and Phillippa Glanville, asst. curator London Museum, discuss the great fire of London using a primary source a painting of the fire. Shots of the painting along with the dialogue. A. Marwick and Dr Albert Hollaender Keeper of Manuscripts, Guildhall Library, discuss insurance company records of the 18th century and their use as primary sources. Shots of 13th century insurance records of the Sun Fire Office. Discussion continues. A. Marwick discusses the use of the company records of Whitbreads Brewery and the use of pictures of the factory and the factory itself as primary sources. Shots of Whitbreads Brewery in its original building. Shots of the brewery at various stages of its history. Shot of the inside of the brewery today. Film of the London Blitz of 1940-41 with Ed Morrow as commentator. Marwick in the Kleinwort Benson Building sums up the unit. Shot of St. Paul's Cathedral; G.P.O. Tower in background.
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