This programme is a spontaneous discussion about "perception" led by Professor Godfrey Vesey. Its aim is to give an idea of what a philosophical discussion is like and the six students ta...king part are all new to the study of philosophy. Professor Vesey begins with a studio experiment in perception during which students - both in the studio and at home - are asked to make notes. The rest of the programme is a discussion based on the results of this experiment. The programme is closely related to the correspondence material but it also stands by itself. It is very suitable both for beginners in philosophy and for those students in sixth forms and in universities who would like to have some idea of what philosophy is all about.
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Module code and title: A100, Humanities: a foundation course
Item code: A100; 25
First transmission date: 18-07-1971
Published: 1971
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Duration: 00:23:55
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Producer: Mary Hoskins
Contributor: Godfrey Norman Agmondisham Vesey
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Descartes; Perception; Philosophy
Footage description: Shot of apparatus. Godfrey Vesey outlines the programme and introduces the six students who will discuss the experiment afterwards. Experiment begins. Experiment consists of the reflection of a rectangular vane revolving, with apparent changes of speed and direction, around a vertical axis. The experiment is done in three ways: 1. Informally for a short period, and the students then asked what they see. 2. Informally but the student's are asked to call out when they detect a change. 3. Formally with the student's recording accurately all changes during a count of 50 with one student as observer of Godfrey Vesey's manipulation of the apparatus. Godfrey Vesey demonstrates the mechanism of the apparatus. Godfrey Vesey poses a philosophical question concerning the experiment. The students give their answers and these are noted on the blackboard. Godfrey Vesey opens discussion. Discussion hinges on the philosophical distinction between what is seen and what is interpreted from what is seen, on appearance, and perception. Godfrey Vesey introduces the next programme.
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