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In this programme the speaker is Professor John Ferguson, Dean of the Faculty. It is a personal statement about the nature of religious experience and responses. Professor Ferguson explores methods... of eliciting a religious response by neans of the spoken word, by ritual and through visual linages. (The related correspondence material is concerned with the response to the written word.) He takes as examples an extract from a semon by the evangelist Billy Grahan; part of a Greek Orthodox service; scenes from the life of Christ foxuid in Byzantine art and, finally, Graham Sutherland' s tapestry "Christ in Glory" which is in Coventry Cathedral, together with the artist's comments on his own work. Professor Ferguson ends by surveying that the essential nature of religious response lies in the holy, the numinous and the awesome.
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Module code and title: A100, Humanities: a foundation course
Item code: A100; 20
First transmission date: 09-06-1971
Published: 1971
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Producer: Mary Hoskins
Contributor: John Ferguson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Billy Graham; Coventry cathedral; Daphni; Greek Orthodox; Iconography; Religion
Footage description: Footage description - Shots inside an Anglican church during the service. Choir boys walk down the isle. Shot of outside of Anglican church. Shot of an African medicine man dancing Shot of Hindus bathing in the Ganges. Shot of Buddhists at prayer. Shot of Roman Catholic Mass. Shot of the Pope being carried in a procession. Ferguson discusses the nature of a gospel. He suggests that it is more than a written piece. Film shots of Billy Graham's 1966 Earls Court Crusade. Shots of both the meeting and Graham preaching. The subject of this excerpt from his sermon is ' the nature of the Gospel'. Ferguson analyses Graham's sermon, concentrating on the style of delivery. Ferguson discusses the liturgy of the Greek Orthodox church. Shots of excerpts from the Eucharist part of the service. Shots of church in Ravena, Italy showing picture from the life of Jesus on the walls. Shots of the monastery church of Daphni, Athens Shots of the inside of the dome of the Daphne church showing a figure of Christ the Pantocrator. Pictures in the niches and alcoves of the church show saints and scenes from the life of Christ (a visual gospel). Shot of picture of Christ the Pantocrator in church at Palermo, Sicily. Shot of picture of Christ the Pantocrator in church at Monreale, Sicily. Ferguson continues his discussion of the Pantocrators. Shot of an African ancestral mask. Their purpose is explained. Ferguson gives an introductory discussion of Sutherland's Coventry Cathedral Tapestry. Shots of tapestry and Sutherlands sketches. Commentary is by Sutherland. He tells why he designed the tapestry in this particular way. Shot of the inside of Coventry Cathedral.
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