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Presented by Dr. John Blunden, this programme examines the factors considered by management faced with the need to relocate all or part of their business. Divided into two parts it begins with a di...scussion with Mr. J. P. Maconchy, Senior Locational Officer at the Location of Offices Bureau, as to the important factors involved in moving office-based industries out of London. The second part of the programme considers industrial relocation and is a case-study filmed in Cornwall. Managing Directors of four firms who have recently moved into Cornwall (one in St. Ives, two in Falmouth, one in St. Austell), discuss the reasons for their move, how they perceived their opportunities in the area and what was their experience of Cornwall as an industrial environment.
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Module code and title: D281, New trends in geography
Item code: D281; 03
First transmission date: 01-02-1972
Published: 1972
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Producer: Graham Turner
Contributors: E. Allnutt; John Blunden; R. J. Dennis; D. Harrison; Patrick Maconchy; Peter Newby; A. H. Whitewood
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Economics; Geography; Industry; Relocation
Footage description: Shots of congested industrial streets in London. John Blunden introduces the programme which will consider the relocation of industries from London and the Midlands to the South West of England. John Blunden introduces Patrick Maconchy, the Senior Locational officer of the Location of Offices Bureau, with whom he discusses the duties and activities of the latter agency. The principal reasons for relocation and the procedures of relocation are discussed. John Blunden now goes on to the relocation of manufacturing industries and introduces the series of interviews with the heads of manufacturing enterprises which have relocated in the South West. A map shows the principal development areas in the United Kingdom. John Blunden interviews A. H. Whitewood managing director of Hamptons (St. Ives) Ltd. Interview with R. J. Dennis, managing director of Marriott Magnetics. Interview with D. Harrison, managing director of Lockwoods Machine Tools. Interview with E. Allnutt managing director of Teddington Auto-controls Ltd. Interview with A. H. Whitewood. Interview with E. Allnutt. Interview with D. Harrison. Interview with E. Allnutt. Interview with R. J. Dennis. Continuation of interview with R. J. Dennis. Interview with D. Harrison. Interview with E. Allnutt. Interview with R. J. Dennis Shots of traffic jams. Interview with A. H. Whitewood. Interview with D. Harrison Interview with E. Allnutt. Interview with R. J. Dennis. John Blunden discusses with Peter Newby the general findings of the interviews with relocated businessmen and compares them with Newby's own findings. John Blunden sums up the programme. Credits.
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