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This programme looks at the history of the mechanisation of the cotton industry in the century 1720-1820.
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Module code and title: A202, The age of revolutions
Item code: A202; 03
First transmission date: 26-02-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:31
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Producer: Nuala O'Faolain
Contributors: John Bradshaw; Chris Harvie
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Carding; Cotton industry; Mechanisation; Spinning; Weaving
Footage description: Graph of raw cotton imports 1720-1820. Christopher Harvie introduces the programme. John Bradshaw demonstrates carding. The process is clearly shown. John Bradshaw demonstrates the hand spinning process on a cottage spinning wheel. Chris Harvie, using a progress board explains his intention of plotting the course of the cotton industry 1720-1820. He explains the balanced relationship of spinning to weaving. He demonstrates the principles of weaving on a child's loom. Harold Wilkinson demonstrates a cottage loom of ca. 1720. The process is shown in detail. John Kay's fly shuttle loom is shown in action. Harold Wilkinson demonstrating. All actions of the weaver are shown. Chris Harvie explains that mechanisation of one part of the spinning/weaving processes disturbs the equilibrium. John Bradshaw discusses Hargreaves spinning jenny and demonstrates its use. The whole process is shown in detail. Chris Harvie updates his progress chart, and introduces the next spinning development, Arkwright; self acting spinning frame. John Bradshaw demonstrates the Arkwright spinning machine. The mechanism is clearly displayed. Chris Harvie shows banks of Arkwright machines from the latter's first factory. He discusses later Arkwright developments and introduces Crompton's spinning mule. Harold Wilkinson demonstrates the machine. Chris Harvie returns to his progress chart and shows drawing of Arkwright's power loom of 1785. The mechanism is explained by Chris Harvie. He also outlines by means of his progress chart the development of the cotton industry through the century 1720-1820. A closing clip of film shows modern spinning and weaving machinery.
Master spool number: 6LT/70185
Production number: 00521_2306
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