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This programme illustrates basic differences between Catholic and reformation churches by comparing externals of worship.
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Module code and title: A201, Renaissance and Reformation
Item code: A201; 13
First transmission date: 15-07-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:22:24
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Producer: Richard Callanan
Contributor: Francis Clark
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Catholicism; Protestantism; Religion; Worship
Footage description: Francis Clark outlines the programme. The intention is to demonstrate the basic differences between Catholic and Reformer by examining patterns of worship. Medieval painting of a Mass being celebrated is contracted with the interior of a Reformed Church in Lyons. Clark outlines the basic Catholic doctrine about the Church and its sacramental system. The Eucharist is examined closely. Clark continues his examination of Eucharist and demonstrates with illustrations the theological position's effect upon the externals of worship. Shots of: 1. Bourges Cathedral 2. Unidentified village church. 3. Norwich Cathedral 4. Alki, interior shots. 5. Bruges reredos 6. Pictures of celebrations of mass. The mass is described in detail. Chant: Sanctus dominus...pleni sunt coeli et terragloria tua. Francis Clark introduces excerpts from the writings of Luther and Calvin on the subject of the mass. Portraits of both Luther and Calvin are shown. Clark analyses the Reformers doctrinal approach to the Mass. Clark with the aid of illustrations demonstrates the revolution in basic theology as it is reflected in the externals of Calvinist worship. The illustrations are shown, Clark's commentary over. Shots of 1. Reformed church exterior 2. St. Peter's Geneva 3. Buntisland Church 4. Peterskerk Leyden 5- Illustrations of worshippers and ministers. The normal forms of worship are described. Nicolas Ridley's statement on the use of a normal table instead of altar for the Eucharist is quoted. Francis Clark epitomises the essential difference between Reformed and Catholic church worhip. Calvanist psalm is performed. Francis Clark describes the later developments in both sects of the attitudes to worship and in particular the Eucharist. The modern position is outlined.
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