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The programme is in three equal parts. The first two form an introduction to two of the several design exercises that students will work on during units 32 - 33. Nigel Cross explains what he means... by Design Failures. Robin Roy analyses the types of design, artefact design, environmental design, and systems design. In the third part Pip Youngman talks to some T100 students at the 1972 Bath Summer School about his attitude to practical design, referring in particular to the development of the Bobcat.
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Module code and title: T100, The man-made world: a foundation course
Item code: T100; 33
First transmission date: 01-10-1972
Published: 1972
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Producers: Edward Goldwyn; Colin Robinson
Contributors: Ken Baines; Nigel Cross; Robin Roy
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Artefact design; Bath Summer School; Bobcat; Design failures; Environmental design; Practical design; Systems design
Footage description: Shot of citizen protest over the Westway flyover. Shot of a crashed jet aircraft. Shot of a road accident. Shot of a railway crash. Shot of jet aircraft landing. Shot of residential area and highrise flats. Shots of heavy industrial area showing aerial view of factories belching smoke. Shots of automobiles being scrapped. All the above are meant to be examples of design failures. Nigel Cross examines the way in which technology is misused and results in these design failures. He draws a diagram to illustrate his points. Shots of all the above design failures again while Nigel Cross explains why the failures occured. Nigel Cross points out several design failures in the T.V. studio. Nigel Cross discusses use of television for teaching design. He lists some of the shortcomings. Robin Roy's discussion centers around the theme "What is design?" Shot of high rise building. Shot of Concorde taking off. Shot of telephone receiver. Shot of girl in bathing suit. Shot of table showing list of professions concerned with the design of products. Shot of diagram showing the Open University's system for preparing course materials as an example of systems design. Shot of table showing list of professions concerned with Socio-technical system designing. Shots of a New York neighbourhood mental hospital. Roy points out several of the design features. Roy uses Philadelphia's experimental "School without Walls" as an example of design. Roy uses a table to point out some of the differences between product and system design. Roy interviews Ken Baines and three O.U students on their reaction to the probe and to design in general. Pip Youngman and O.U. students at Bath University campus. He discusses the design process in general (practical design). He shows his Bobcat and uses it as a basis for his discussion.
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