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The programme is in three equal parts. The first two form an introduction to two of the several design exercises that students will work on during units 32 - 33. Nigel Cross explains what he means... by Design Failures. Robin Roy analyses the types of design, artefact design, environmental design, and systems design. In the third part Pip Youngman talks to some T100 students at the 1972 Bath Summer School about his attitude to practical design, referring in particular to the development of the Bobcat.
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video record, no preview available for Design failures: Probe Clip 1 Design failures: Probe Clip 1Nigel Cross discusses design failures, reflecting on the constraints of the recording studio around...
video preview image for Design failures: Probe Clip 2 Design failures: Probe Clip 2Nigel Cross introduces ideas about design failure and people's relationship with technology.