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Film shots of chimpanzees, a gorilla and a gibbon. Film shots of new world monkeys - squirrel monkeys, spider monkey. Film shots of old world monkeys, macaques, mangadees, gelada, baboons,, langurs. Chalmers discusses some of the differences between primates who live in dense forests and those that live on the savannah. Film sequence shows the life of the gelada monkey of Ethiopia and baboons in South Africa. Commentary is by Chalmers. Mating and grooming are shown. Chalmers introduces next film sequence. Film sequence shows conflict over food in a chimpanzee group. Commentary by Chalmers. Film sequence shows threat gesture by an adult male gelada. Continuing shots of chimpanzee behaviour during intra-group conflict. Chalmers introduces film sequence which illustrates some reasons for primate group cohesion. Film sequence shows conflict between males of neighbouring groups of vervet monkeys. Baby gelada monkey being cared for by the mother and playing with other monkeys in the group. Chimpanzee young at play. Chalmers introduces parts of the filmed experiments by Hans Kummer which examined herding behaviour among hamadryas baboons. Film sequence shows the control experiment. A strange hamadryas female is introduced to a hamadryas group. The male herds the strange female. They mate and she grooms him. Chalmers sums up this control experiment and introduces the main part of Kummer's experiment. Film sequence shows the main part of Kummer's experiment. An olive baboon female from a group which does not herd is introduced to a hamadryas group. The male of the group forces the strange female to be herded and she adapts to the herding behaviour of the group. Commentary by Chalmers. Chalmers sums up Kummer's experiments.
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Module code and title: SDT286, Biological bases of behaviour
Item code: SDT286; 15
First transmission date: 05-08-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:19:48
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Producer: Roger Jones
Contributor: Neil Chalmers
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Food conflict; Foraging behaviour; Gelada and chacma baboon; Grooming; Infant relationships; Mating; Primates; Social systems; Territorial conflict
Master spool number: 6HT/70589
Production number: 00522_3105
Videofinder number: 2100
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