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A series of aerial photographs and a map of the Cwm Idwal and Nant Ffrancon area introduce the programme. Commentary by Chris Wilson points out the main landmarks. (The aim of the programme is to w...ork out an environmental history of the area). Chris Wilson and Alan Hibbert in a Landrover drive through the area along the A5. They drive past Tryfan, Llyn Ogwen, Ogwen Falls and the east side of Nant Ffrancon valley. Commentary by Wilson discusses the ground features, particularly the evidence for glaciation. Shots of a Roche moutonee. Wilson explains how it was formed. Shots of an aluvial fan and Ogwen Falls. Wilson explains the reasons for the sudden deepening of the valley floor at the falls. Shots of the valley area. Shots of Chris Wilson climbing up the side of Cwm Idwal. He looks down over the Cwm and discusses the glaciation of the Nant Ffrancon valley. He uses an animated diagram to explain how Cwms are formed. Further shots of the Cwm area show evidence that it was formed as shown in the diagram. Wilson discusses ways in which organic sediment samples can be used to date moraines at the Cwm. Shots of sediment samples being taken from Nant Ffrancon with a Livingston corer. Alan Hibbert begins the analysis of the cores. Shots of more samples being examined and analysed. Samples are taken from various depths and the ages of the samples as well as the environmental conditions at the time are determined. Thus an environmental history of the area is worked out. Commentary by Alan Hibbert. Chris Wilson, discusses the use of pollen diagrams for correlating conditions between the Nant Ffrancon and Cwm Idwal areas.
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First transmission date: 30-09-1972
Published: 1972
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Producer: Tony Laryea
Contributors: A.(Alan) Hibbert; Chris Wilson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Cwm Idwal and Nant Ffrancon area; Dating moraines; Environmental history; Glaciation; Pollen diagrams; Sediment samples
Master spool number: 6LT/70734
Production number: 00522_3108
Videofinder number: 1653
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