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Some of the problems associated with constructing a periodic classification of the transuranium elements.
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Module code and title: S304, The nature of chemistry
Item code: S304; 27
First transmission date: 28-07-1977
Published: 1977
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Producer: David Jackson
Contributors: David Johnson; Glenn Seaborg
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Americium; Chemistry; Periodic classification; Curium; Oxidation; Periodic Table; Plutonium; Uranium
Footage description: Footage - Transuranium elements. Pre 1940 periodic table. Alfred Werner's periodic table (0'37"-1'42") - Experiment to give oxidation states of uranium (2'02"-2'58") - Animation of uranium compound bombarded with neutrons (5'23"-5'45") - Animation of uranium fission. Photo of Glenn Seaborg (6'16"-6'42") - Photo of Edward McMillan (7'26"-7'33") - Demonstration with uranium oxide on filter paper bombarded with neutrons (7'45"-8'28") - Formula of uranium 239 & isotope of element 93 (neptunium) (8'33"-9'07") - Glove box experiment with neptunium four. Oxidation states of uranium four. Periodic table (9'33"-10'12") - Caption of McMillan's 2 day isotope, neptunium 239 (11'35"-11'50") - Plutonium in oxidation states 3+, 4+ & 6+ (12'07"-12'35") - Lanthanide & Actinide series in periodic table (15'20"-16'06") - 1945 periodic table showing heavy elements as members of an actinide series (16'28"-17'15"). Experiment oxidising americium three. Solution of curium tripositive aqueous ion (17'56"-18'44") - Lanthanide separation. Separation of transcurium elements on an ion-exchange column (19'04"-19'49") - Experiment to illustrate the transition between the initial and final phases (21'52"-23'16").
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