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The programme compares the effects of two particular expressways on land values and then focuses on the Edens Plaza shopping precinct.
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Module code and title: DT201, Urban development
Item code: DT201; 05
Series: Chicago
First transmission date: 25-03-1973
Published: 1973
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Duration: 00:24:16
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Producer: Michael Philps
Contributors: Miles Berger; John Blunden; Milton Pikarsky; Andrew Plummer
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Human geography; Shopping; Transportation--United States; Urban economics; Chicago (Ill.)
Footage description: Aerial shots of O'Hare Airport in Chicago and ground shots of traffic flow into the Central Business District along the John F Kennedy Expressway. John Blunden introduces the programme and discusses the role of transport in the modern urban community. John Blunden interviews Milton Pikarsky, Commissioner of Public Works in Chicago to discover the planning philosophy behind the construction of the expressway system. Pikarsky describes the Chicago Area Transportation Study, and the factors that guided the planning of the Expressway. Aerial shots of the expressway. John Blunden describes using maps as illustrative materials how the expressway relates spatially to the metropolitan area of Chicago as a whole. Shots from ground level of the Kennedy Expressway. The surrounding land use is examined and Pikarsky describes the changes in land values that followed on the construction of the John F Kennedy Expressway. Using maps to identify areas and illustrate his points, John Blunden describes the sort of study used by the Chicago Area Transportation Study to assess rises in land value. Animated diagrams are also used to illustrate the analysis of the figures produced by the Transportation Study. John Blunden interviews Niles Berger about how the general pattern of land value increases along the whole length of the Expressway. Shots of areas given as examples by Berger of the land value increases subsequent on the construction of the road. He cites characteristics of those areas that have been subject to the least and to the most spectacular increases in value. John Blunden now considers the Edens Expressway with the same questions in mind as those which guided his consideration of the Kennedy Expressway. A map indicates the locations of Edens. Aerial shots of the Edens Expressway are shown. Blunden examines the Chicago Area Transportation Study's treatment of Edens. Maps and animated diagrams are used to illustrate the points. Andrew Plummer is interviewed. He is asked to compare the changing land values along Edens with those of Kennedy. Plummer answers the question. He identifies the essential differences between the route that Kennedy takes and that of Edens. He also describes the type of development along Edens and gives a number of reasons for the difference in rates of land value increase that exist between Edens and Kennedy. Aerial shots of Edens ending on Edens Plaza. John Blunden discusses the development of the Edens Plaza shopping precinct with Andrew Plummer in situ. Shots of the development. He describes the differences in land use between Edens and Kennedy. They discuss the commercial mix of such shopping developments. John Blunden sums up the programme. Aerial shots of both expressways. Credits.
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