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This programme is made up of filmed interviews with two former domestic servants, who worked in households where there were only one or two servants employed. The interviewer is Thea Thompson, a officer at Essex University, who works on a social history project of interviews with old people, and she is using questions taken from this questionnaire. The first interviewee, Mrs Costello, was born in 1892 in South East London. She left school at fourteen and went away to service on the same day. She had a number of jobs, hut talks here, mainly about two of them. One with two school teachers, the other as the only servant in a lodging house. The second interviewee, Mrs Lummis, was born in 1905 in a small village in Essex. She went into service when she was twelve and still at school at fourteen. She moved away from home and worked as a maid in a large rectory.
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Module code and title: D301, Historical sources and the social scientist
Item code: D301; 09
First transmission date: 14-08-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:24:31
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Producer: Clare Falkner
Contributors: Thea Thompson; Anne Lummis; Caroline Costello
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Domestic service; Historical sources; Social science
Footage description: Thompson introduces the programme. She talks to Costello about her service with two teachers. Costello discusses her feelings, her duties, position in the household, time off, conditions and so on. Costello goes on to describe her next job, the problems she had with a reference and cleaning shoes. Lummis relates her experiences in service, starting at the age of 12. She worked in rural surroundings. Again she describes the conditions, food, duties and time off etc. Credits.
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