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With few obvious resources of its own and an increasing population, Guernsey relies heavily on the outside world to make a living. In this programme three outside influences are examined - the gro...wth of international banking based on Guernsey's low taxes; the growth of light industry and the effect of oil prices on the island's economy.
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Module code and title: D101, Making sense of society
Item code: D101; 06
First transmission date: 20-03-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:25:00
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Producer: Nigel Houghton
Contributors: Geoffrey Church; Edward Collas; Stewart Falkner; Francis Le Poidevin; Philip Sarre
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): International banking; Light industry; Low taxes; Oil prices; Population growth
Footage description: Sarre introduces the programme which initially concentrates on banks. Shots of banks. Falkner reviews the reasons for the growth of international banking on Guernsey. Sarre runs briefly through the tax attractions of Guernsey and questions a 'rentier' about this. Using a world map and barograms, Sarre compares UK tax rates with Guernsey. Falkner looks at some other reasons for companies using Guernsey. Collas discusses how Guernsey sees banking in relation to other economic activities. The problem of rising oil prices is examined. Shots of storage tanks. Church outlines the economic effects of the added bill. Le Poidevin looks at the repercussions for horticulture. Over shots of ferries arriving and passengers disembarking, Sarre details effects on tourist industry and fishing. Collas discusses the policies of the State's Advisory and Finance Committee for future growth, such as encouraging light industry. Sarre looks at one example - an American electronics firm. Church discusses the results of this growth on the population, services etc. Sarre sums on this programme and the block as a whole. He speculates about Guernsey's future. Credits.
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