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This is the fourth and last programme devoted to BART. Now in operation, we examine some of the impacts schemes like BART can have on different parts of the city of San Francisco. There are three m...ain areas of study. Firstly the effects of BART on the downtown development of San Francisco are outlined, particular in so far as BART may be considered to be a contributory factor in the process of 'Manhattanisation' of the business district of San Francisco. Philip Sarre who presents the programme interviews the Mayor of San Francisco, Joseph Alioto, Thomas Gray of the Downtown Association, Cyril Magnin, Chairman of Joseph Magnin Stores, Alan Jacobs, Executive Director of the San Francisco Planning and Urban Renewal Association (SPUR). The programme then looks at another development being undertaken close to the BART corridor, namely the Yerba Buena redevelopment, Chester Hartman, author of a book on the topic describes the nature of the development and how the local citizens fought the scheme in federal courts. Comments on this struggle from Mayor Alioto are included, as he was politically highly involved in the Yerba Buena scheme. The last part of the programme looks at the likelihood of BART having an impact on the Mission District of San Francisco which has two BART stations. Local citizens belonging to the Mission Planning Council express their fears about the changes BART may bring to their community. The unifying theme for these three sections is to examine the nature of political power within an urban community by looking at how and why certain projects such as BART are brought into being, who they benefit, and who within the community are disadvantaged.
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First transmission date: 18-09-1975
Published: 1975
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Producer: Graham Turner
Contributors: Joseph Alioto; Thomas Gray; Chester W. Hartman; Alan Jacobs; Cyril Magnin; Philip Sarre
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): BART; San Francisco
Footage description: Sarre introduces the programme which will deal with new building patterns in San Francisco. Gray and Alioto, the Mayor briefly look at the development and the efforts of conservationists especially in the Market St. area. The proposed Yerba Buena centre is discussed. Hartmann describes the area, the kind of people in residence and how the development programme went through Alioto describes City Hall's attitude to the project. Hartmann outlines the law suits brought by residents and their limited success. He generalises on community involvement in development. Another area, the Mission, is also faced with difficulties. Sarre looks at some of the problems and some residents discuss the sort of community action they have resorted to. Sarre discusses the question of community involvement with Alioto who explains why property values are bound to rise. Two more residents take a critical look at BART and who it benefits. Sarre sums up. Credits.
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