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A look at how GEC operates worker participation at their Trafford Park, Manchester, works.
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Module code and title: P881, Industrial relations
Item code: P881; 07
First transmission date: 22-08-1976
Published: 1976
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Duration: 00:24:30
Note: Also used for PT281
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Producer: Nigel Houghton
Presenter: Tony Eccles
Contributors: Bert Brennen; Wynne Cumming; Nigel Eldred; Jeff Goss; Christopher Ross; Geoff Simpson; Arnold Weinstock
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): G.E.C.; Industrial democracy; Management; Worker participation
Footage description: Eccles introduces the programme, briefly outlining GEC's organisation and management style. Shots of turbine factory. Weinstock is interviewed by Eccles as to GEC's overall policy on participation. Eccles describes the particular set up at Trafford Park. Sequence showing the Works Committee in session - the most important joint management, union forum. A joint meeting at plant level is also shown. The worker delegates explain their reactions to such committees. Eldred explains why Trafford Park management favour these developments. A joint consultative committee meeting at Micanite is shown. Cumming explains some of the limitations on these meetings, and some of the problems inherent in this new system. Eccles asks various union representatives what they feel about worker participation. A number of different views are expressed. Finally Weinstock on how the new methods will benefit management.
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Production number: 00525_2257
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