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The programme looks at various methods which provide energy in the home, how the costs for each is calculated and how comparisons can be made.
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Module code and title: PST932, Energy in the home
Item code: PST932; 01
First transmission date: 22-10-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: Bob Critoph; Brian Trueman
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bills; Electricity; Energy; Heating
Footage description: Brian Trueman introduces the programme. He lists some of the appliances in the home which consume energy and goes on to point out the various sources of energy available to the householder. Shots of household appliances and of Gas and Electricity showrooms. Trueman, pointing to a very much enlarged electricity bill, explains how an electricity bill can be converted into a standard form so that it can be compared with bills for other sources of energy. An animated cartoon is used to help explain the concept of the megajoule. Again pointing to a very much enlarged bill, Trueman explains how a gas bill is converted to a standard form for comparison with other sources of energy. He then asks why there should be such a difference in the cost of gas and electricity. Song by Harvey Andrews about the production of electricity sung over shots of a gas drilling platform, coal mines and power stations. Trueman explains briefly why the cost, per megajoule of electricity is higher than that of gas. With the aid of an animated cartoon, Trueman points out that the cost of useful energy must be taken into account when calculating relative costs of different forms of energy. Film shots of several appliances in the Critoph home with their individual energy consumption figures captioned. Bob and Frances Critoph recall how naive they were about energy consumption in their home prior to doing this course. Shots of an electricity meter showing the disc rotating at various speeds depending on which appliance is being used. Each appliance is shown on a split screen above the meter. Trueman sums up these consumption figures on a large dial which he sets for each individual appliance. Cheryl Phillips and Kevin Newport, members of the course team, examine a large empty house and point out areas of heat loss. The recommend some simple and effective remedies. Brian Trueman sums up the programme.
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