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The programme examines sources of heat loss from houses and looks at various methods for lowering these.
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Module code and title: PST932, Energy in the home
Item code: PST932; 03
First transmission date: 19-11-1978
Published: 1978
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Duration: 00:24:00
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Producer: Philip Ashby
Contributors: Bob Critoph; Brian Trueman
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Building; Energy; Heating; Insulation; U-values
Footage description: Brian Trueman, outside a house, introduces the programme. Brief shot of the house taken with an infrared camera. With the aid of animated diagrams, Trueman explains how one calculates heat loss for a section of brick wall. Again with the aid of an animated diagram, Trueman does the same for a section of glass. He then discusses, briefly, how these techniques can be applied to calculate heat loss for the house as a whole. Film of a building site over song by Harvey Andrews about building houses. Film of the building site continues showing houses in various stages of completion. Commentary by Trueman points out the insulation installed to prevent heat loss, damp and condensation. Trueman talks in general terms about the possibilities of insulating an older house. He then becomes more specific by suggesting ways of cutting heat loss from windows. Trueman, standing in the back garden of a house, discusses the two types of wall commonly found in houses (solid brick and cavity). He points to two sample brick walls which have been erected in the garden. Trueman goes on to suggest ways of insulating external walls and points out the saving in heat loss this would bring. Over several still shots of insulation being laid in a loft, Trueman explains how this should be done. Trueman, outside a house, demonstrates the existence of cold draughts with the aid of a smoke gun. He then lists a variety of draught excluders and explains how they work. Still shots of each of these in order to demonstrate, dramatically, the effect on heat loss of draughts, the room is filled with smoke. A camera outside shows the smoke escaping through a window. Using diagrams of a house and shots of condensation on walls and windows, Trueman discusses the problem of condensation in the home and what can be done about it. Shots of Bob Critoph plotting a time/temperature graph for his house. He then calculates annual heat loss for the house. Commentary by Trueman. Bob and Francis Critoph, in their home, discuss the improvements they have already made in their house. Trueman sums up the programme.
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Production number: 00525_2422
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