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The programme draws on material from course units 11, 12, and 13 in order to show how a computer carries out a simple instruction. It is presented by Professor John Sparkes who plays the part of t...he computer controller, Dr Chapman plays the part of the computer store and Arthur Hewitt (who works for a computer manufacturer) plays the part of the accumulator. The operation of the computer is explained both by using the computer home kit and by using a computer in the studio with a specially designed board to show the various computer operations as they take place.
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Module code and title: T100, The man-made world: a foundation course
Item code: T100; 13
First transmission date: 16-04-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:18
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Producer: David Nelson
Contributors: Peter Chapman; Arthur Hewitt; John Sparkes
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Accumulator; Arithmetic unit; Computer controller; Computer home kit; Computer operations; Computer store; Control unit; Operation
Footage description: J. Sparkes introduces the unit to begin this programme. Peter Chapman explains how a computer does simple addition. He develops a simple, general programme for doing a simple task. He demonstrates how instructions to the computer must be in binary form. He shows this on a 16 bit array diagram. The Control and Arithmetic units of the computer are explained by J. Sparkes. A. Hewett points out the main parts of the arithmetic unit on a computer console display board and explains how they work. J. Sparkes with a prototype home kit adder to show how the adder in the arithmetic unit works. The parts of the arithmetic unit are shown to work on a simple sum. The functions are displayed on a console display board. J. Sparkes shows and explains the functions of the Control unit with the aid of a console display board. P. Chapman follows the action on the 16 bit array diagram. Control unit and arithmetic unit are shown, working together to solve a simple sum. The signals are put in manually. Chapman follows the action on the 16 bit array diagram. J. Sparkes lets the computer work automatically to solve the sum. The action of the computer is slowed to two pulses per second so that the programme can be followed visually on the display board.
Master spool number: 6HT/70345
Production number: 00525_2512
Videofinder number: 886
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