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This programme examines three strategies for changing motivation in learning. The first of the three strategies is an advertising commercial designed specially to motivate existing students of the ...course to watch this programme, to continue with their stuidies and not drop out. The second strategy is the American pre school tv series Sesame Street. Extracts from this award winning series are included, followed by analysis of research done on the series. The third strategy is a nursery school programme for deprived children in Dundee, designed and developed under the auspices of Dundee's EPA (Educational Priority Area) project. Film was shot in Dundee to show the children working through specially designed curriculum materials to help conceptual development. These are called 'Flaysems' and this one deals with "BodyConcept". The aim of this programme is to give an interventionist perspective to this section of the course on motivation. The central focus of the two correspondence texts on motivation is to analyse various theories of motivation. The television programme deals with some of the theories being put into practice and suggests that some of these ideas could be utilised by the teacher m the classroom.
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Module code and title: E281, Personality growth and learning
Item code: E281; 03
First transmission date: 15-04-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:23
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Producer: David Seligman
Contributors: John Bynner; Margaret Keenan
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): "Body Concept"; Advertising commercial; Conceptual development; Cookie monster; Cotton Road Nursery School; Deprived children; Kermit; Motivation in learners; Nursery school programme; 'Playsems'; Sesame Street
Footage description: Programme opens with specially written 'Commercial' for this O.U. course. Titles over. Shots of O.U. graduates, etc. John Bynner, in the studio, discusses the theory of motivation behind the design of such a commercial, and how similar ideas behind the American television educational series "Sesame Street". An extract from "Sesame Street" showing the 'Counting Song', 'Wanda the Witch' and Kermit talking about the letter W. Bynner discusses the target audience and research and design involved in "Sesame Street" A second extract shows Susan singing about shapes, and Kermit with the Cookie Monster. Bynner summarises the debate about the effectiveness of "Sesame Street" as a teaching medium. He then introduces another project on motivating pre-school children to learn: the 'playsem' project in Dundee. A sequence filmed at Cotton Road Nursery School shows a group of children being read to and another involved in boot printing, comparing the size of the print made with the boots that made them. The headmistress, Margaret Keenan, talks about the benefits the children have derived from the scheme, and their gain in confidence. A further filmed sequence shows children comparing hand sizes and then making hand prints with different coloured paints. Another group are shown making a collage with oddments of material, filling in the shape of a boy. John Bynner, voice over a film of children making puppets at the Dundee 'playsem', explains the other aspects of the project and the Project-based theories behind it. In conclusion he mentions the ideas of intrinsic motivation, and incongruities and complexities as motivational influences. Credits over film of Dundee 'playsem' showing children singing 'Heads and shoulders, knees and toes'.
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