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Deals with the topics of transient response, bipolar transistor devices, and feedback using extracts from previous TV programmes.
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Module code and title: TS282, Electromagnetics and electronics
Item code: TS282; 17
First transmission date: 21-10-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:24:27
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributors: Gary Alexander; Peter Chapman; David Crecraft; John Sparkes
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Bipolar transistor devices; Feedback; Transient response; Transistors
Footage description: Peter Chapman introduces the programme, which consists of extracts from previous programmes illustrating various important themes. First selection of extracts deal with transient response, and show Gary Alexander, Dennis Moss, Gaby Smol and David Crecraft discussing respectively the water capacitor, a simple RC circuit, a ramp generator output and a linear servomechanism. Gary Alexander comments on the sequence. Chapman introduces the next set of extracts, which show John Sparkes and David Crecraft talking about the bipolar transistor. John Sparkes comments. Final set of extracts, introduced by Peter Chapman, cover various aspects of feedback with Gary Alexander and David Crecraft who provides a linking commentary. Chapman sums up.
Master spool number: 6LT/70717
Production number: 00525_5007
Videofinder number: 711
Available to public: no