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This is the first programme for the T291 Course on Instrumentation and is titled "Introduction to Instrumentation". Two examples of instrumentation systems are featured: a large pneumatic... installation at a chemical works and a small electrical system to record the handling characteristics of a motor car.
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Module code and title: T291, Instrumentation
Item code: T291; 01
First transmission date: 04-02-1974
Published: 1974
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Duration: 00:22:40
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Producer: Tony Jolly
Contributors: David Crecraft; Aubrey Holmes; Roger Loxton; William Woollard
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Air pipes; Amplifiers; Computer; Control room; Copper wires; Electrical system; Motor car; Pneumatic dusplay; Pneumatic installation; Transducers
Footage description: Shots of Nypro (U.K.) Ltd. chemical plant. David Crecraft, inside the chemical plant control room, introduces the programme. Roger Loxton (O.U.) and Aubrey Holmes, chief instrumentation officer of the chemical plant, examine a plan of the plant which shows the positions of the transducers. Holmes explains why pneumatic rather than electric transducers are used here. Holmes and Loxton walk around the plant and Holmes points out the various transducers. He explains how they work. Temperature, pressure, and volume of chemicals are measured with these pneumatic transducers. David Crecraft in the chemical plant control room. He stands at the back of the display panel and points out how the pneumatic signals from transducers throughout the plant are monitored on the display board. Crecraft moves to the front of the display board and shows how some of the instruments work. Crecraft and Loxton in the studio with a pneumatic transducer. They demonstrate the complete pneumatic system from transducer to display unit. In this case the transducer is linked to a small column of liquid so that the display monitors the height of liquid level in the column. Crecraft removes the lid of the transducer and demonstrates the operation of the flapper, nozzle and relay amplifier. He shows how the transducer span can be adjusted for different measurements. Crecraft introduces a film sequence showing the use of electrical transducers on a test car to record handling characteristics. Film sequence shows William Woollard with a test car. He points out the various transducers of the system as installed in the car. Woollard explains the function of each. Woollard test drives the car to demonstrate the system in practice. Woollard in the computer centre with the analysis of his test run. He explains the advantages for car designing of this sort of testing. Crecraft sums up the programme.
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