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The programme uses a demonstration program to familiarise students with the operation and structure of the home experiment kit computer, OPUS.
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Module code and title: TM221, The digital computer
Item code: TM221; 03
First transmission date: 22-03-1975
Published: 1975
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Duration: 00:24:27
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Producer: Ted Smith
Contributors: Richard Maddison; Ian Witten
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Binary counter program; Computer programming techniques; Digital computing; Home kit; Operating OPUS
Footage description: Open ing shots of OPUS beside a large version of the mini-computer. Richard Maddison introduces the programme's subject as the running of a demonstration program consisting of an increasing binary count. Maddison explains the use of the run-stop switch on the OPUS panel. He shows how to adjust the panel switches so that the machine is ready to start the program run. Ian Witten uses a graphics board to illustrate the internal operation of the computer. He explains the transmission and display of data that is in the program and in the computer store. Maddison uses the large version of OPUS to demonstrate the input of data to the store. He then shows how to check the loading procedure on the display lights. Witten uses the graphics board to show how to check the contents of store locations. He demonstrates what happens when the checking procedure is used. Maddison then performs the checking operation on the large version of OPUS. Witten describes the composition of the program and explains how it actually works in the computer. He uses a graphics board to show the structure of the program, which involves the use of a delay loop in the addition of 1 to a binary display. He explains how the program instructions work, and how they are codified for input to the computer. Maddison loads the starting address into the large version of OPUS. He shows how to singleshot load the program, using the single shot switch, and then runs the program, showing the resulting binary count on the Minitron display. Witten uses animated graphics to show the progression of the program through the computer as the binary count proceeds. He works through the whole program in this way. Maddison shows how to use the OPUS keyboard as an alternative method of putting the program into the computer. He also shows how to check the details of input by using the Minitron display. Finally, he concludes by reviewing what the programme has achieved.
Master spool number: 6HT/71551
Production number: 00525_5163
Videofinder number: 1461
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